for deep, scratch-free cleaning of all surfaces with ULTRASHINE.

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“Introducing The Revolutionary New Way To Easily Clean
And Detail Your Own Motorcycle Anywhere & Anytime
WITHOUT One Single Drip of Water!”

Say goodbye to spending hundreds of dollars for different products to clean and shine up your bike!

Quickly Remove Dirt, Grit. Oil, Bugs and Even Bird Droppings
To Restore That Perfect, Spotless Shine on ALL SURFACES: 

 painted, flatpaint, chrome, plastic, leather, wheels, steel.

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What is Wash&Shine66?

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Introducing 100% Waterless Bike Wash! Wash & Shine 66

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The REVOLUTIONARY Bike Wash Product That Every Loyal Motorcycle Owner Should Own!

As you know, your own motorcycle can get dirty pretty quickly when you’re out on the open road. It can be a magnet for dust, dirt, grime and other elements of nature (including bird droppings).

But the problem with detailing your own motorcycle to restore that perfect shine is that it can take a wide variety of products.

Not only can these be expensive, but it’s also not convenient for you to carry these products with you at all times in case you want to clean your motorcycle, wherever you are, i.e. on a bike meeting. 

waterless motorcycle cleaner Wash&Shine 66 waterless bike wash 16.9 fl oz

Now, luckily for you, that’s about to change thanks to the 100% waterless bike wash called Wash & Shine 66.

With Wash & Shine 66, you can restore your motorcycles perfect shine no matter where you are, day or night. You can wash your motorcycle at the comfort of your own home, or out on the open road in the great outdoors.


Our ultra-effective and powerful cleaner contains zero poisonous or environmentally harmful wastewater or other toxic solutions that can harm your most cherished bike. Wash & Shine 66 is a premium product specifically made to CLEAN, SHINE and PROTECT your motorcycle in just a matter of minutes. And best of all, do it all without any scratching or corrosive chemicals unlike most cleaners.

waterless motorcycle cleaner Wash&Shine 66 waterless bike wash 16.9 fl oz
best motorcycle cleaner, best motorcycle wash, best motorcycle quick detailer for any surface on a motorcycle

You can apply Wash & Shine 66 to all areas of your own bike, including painted surfaces, chrome, wheels, leather, steel, and even flatpaint to beautify and protect your bike and to make it sparkle just like new!

Wash&Shine66 is an All-in-One Ready to use product that gives your motorcycle an immaculate cleanse and a spectacular shine.


Shinykings` revolutionary Intelligent Crawler Technology

It took a team of leading American & german chemical engineers and nanotech specialists more than 3 years before they finalized the formula. The Intelligent Crawler Technology formula (I.C.T.) once applied on surface by spraying, crawls on the surface and capsules dirt, grime, bugs and all other elements on the surface. This ensures to  makes your motorcycle looks great again within minutes only.
Not only to clean all surfaces on your bike with a deep cleaning but also prevent scratches and leaving the best possible shine to your motorcycle was the intention of a more than 3 year development. 
And the best about it? Use it as waterless or use it on wet surfaces.
Click the video to see how the Intelligent crawler Technology works. 

Use Shinykings Wash&Shine 66 In Only 3 Simple Steps and clean your bike in few quick minutes!

Using and applying Wash & Shine 66 takes only 3 simple steps, and a matter of a few quick minutes to restore your bike to its glorious and natural shine! Now instead of using multiple cleaners or detail products, Wash & Shine 66 does it all!

how to apply best motorcycle cleaner, best quick detailer for motorcycles
how to apply best motorcycle cleaner, best quick detailer for motorcycles
how to apply best motorcycle cleaner, best quick detailer for motorcycles

Step #1: SPRAY

The first step is to spray the area directly on your bike that you’d like to clean and protect. It’s best to spray from top to bottom, and on more dirty areas, let Wash & Shine sit briefly to absorb and penetrate the most caked-on areas. Make sure you spray enough liquid on the surface so the I.C.T. can start working

Step #2: REMOVE

Once Wash & Shine 66 is applied, use Shinykings high fiber microfiber cloth side to gently remove stuck on dirt or grime. 

Step #3: POLISH

And finally, once the dirt or grime is removed, use the short fiber side of the microfiber cloth to dry polish to a spotless shine and you’re all done! In only a matter of a few short minutes, your bike be shined up again will look as good as new!

Xavier Lopez, MI
Xavier Lopez, MI
great product reasonable price
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All in all I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great easy to use wash&wax quick detailer, that cleans my Harley. I’d definitely recommend this to others looking to get good and easy care of their motorcycle. As i was able to compare it to Meguiar`s and Aero which i`d been using for years, i can definitely say: This one is really the best when it comes to cleaning, as it removed also the bugs, and hard mud without getting swirls that i was getting from Aero and Meguiar`s when i applied those on the hard dirt paint part of my MX. So full 5 stars from a happy customer. Towels also a must have! Make sure u get enough of them. I needed at least 2 for each cleaning cycle of my 2018 Road Glide.
Mike Murello, SC
Mike Murello, SC
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awesome product. As i don`t use the rip off coating products anymore, i was searching for a good scratch-free bike cleaner. was a bit skeptical but product keeps its promise. Full 5 star. used it on my 2018 Heritage Softail cleans and shines as promised. If you want to remove bugs from the windshield or fairing, let it set for about 1 minute. Bugs and flies came off like nothing! Even better than bugslide. Make sure u get some extra towels!! you will need at least 2-3 towels for one full wash cycle. as they are washable and reusable nothing wrong to keep them. I LOVE IT!
Jason Stranovic
Jason Stranovic
Didn`t expect that
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This stuff is awesome! Shined up my baby within minutes. Also got rid of the bugs within seconds. Will buy again. I needed 2 towels per bike cleaning. Product worked as described. also leaves a light polymere coating on paint. not as a nano coating but you feel it when you apply it. 5 stars!!
Lance Meyer, WA
Lance Meyer, WA
super results!
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glad that i ordered it. got fantastic results. works as described. would not use it on glass might smear a little. Harley Davidson Road Glide. Towels are awesome.
Randy S. Newport Beach, CA
Randy S. Newport Beach, CA
It`s really the best quick detailer.
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There are tons of products out there promising the world. But this one really kept ir and convinced me 100%. Why? because it has a really different cleaning experience than others, especially those hyped hydrophic detailer spray products, like shinearmor, F11, or chemical guys. They are all crap if you really want to clean a dirty bike, like mine usually is. Beside that those hydrophic effects last less than 2-3 days. Anyway, i was looking for a cleaner and quick detailer and i thought i might try something new. Can fully recommend this product. Also the towel. Will buy again. I used this product on my 2018 Roadglide and 2006 Heritage. Love it!
Jason Radnor, Phoenix AZ
Jason Radnor, Phoenix AZ
cleans very good!
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This cleaner ist very good and does what it promises.

Shinykings? - About us...

President and Vice President Shinykings Inc
President Aki and Vice President Werner (left) Shinykings Inc

The two founders of Shinykings California are Athanasios “Aki” and Werner, both self-confessed motorcycle and car freaks. They have been riding side by side as Brothers for decades and rode to a lot of various motorcycle meetings in the US and Europe. But one thing was always a problem: How to clean their own Harley, especially when there is no water connection nearby?
“Aki” as the CEO of a worldwide operating nanotechnology company with headquarter in the US and Werner, as a manager of a leading German car manufacturer decided to initiate and push the development of a suitable product, that will solve their problem. The result after a more than 3 years development by a team of specialists and many laboratory and practical tests on their own motorcycles and cars: Wash&Shine 66 – waterless wash. A product that, thanks to its unique Instant Crawler technology, removes dirt from all surfaces, cleans intensively, gentle, streak- and scratch-free, and provides a super shine on the surface within minutes. Wash&Shine 66 was originally developed only for their own needs, but due to the demand of many biker friends & brothers, the two decided to launch Wash&Shine 66 on the market. Shinykings Inc. was born. The company is based in Los Angeles, California and runs warehouses in Houston to ensure best and fastest domestic shipping, Europe customers are handled by our European warehouse based in Germany.  
Wash&Shine 66 – a product developed by bikers for bikers. And as we live the Bikerscode: Give respect – Get respect and a word is a word. So we do not promise anything that we cannot keep.  

Big thank you to all our supporters worldwide. 

Ride safe Brothers & Sisters!

best motorcycle cleaner, best quick detailer fpr motorcycle, waterless motorcycle cleaner, waterless motorcycle wash, waterless bike wash, Wash&Shine 66 bike wash, Shinykings
Harley Davidson motorcycle cleaner, Wash&Shine 66 waterless bike wash, motorcycle quick detailer

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Get up to 5-7 full cycle bike wash!

WHAT YOU NEED: Are you tired of using a ton of products to make sure that your motorcycle is spotless? Shinykings Wash & Shine 66 waterless bike wash is the answer for you! Easy to use and great on all surfaces, this quick detailer spray will make cleaning your motorcycle within minutes only!

VERSATILE & PRACTICAL: This amazing motorcycle cleaning spray can be used on any part of your vehicle. Use Wash&Shine 66 on painted surfaces, chrome, flatpaint, plastic, wheels and and make your motorcycle sparkle!

EFFORTLESS AND QUICK: One of the best parts about this amazing detail spray for motorcycles is its waterless formula that does not require rinsing. All you must do to make sure your motorcycle is squeaky clean is spray the Shinykings cleaner on the surface, wipe and polish it with a clean cloth and that’s it!

LESS WORK, MORE FUN: Because you can use the motorcycle shine spray on any surface, you no longer need to carry a bunch of different products to keep your vehicle clean. The multipurpose bike wash is easy to carry and also allows you to reduce the number of paper towels used for cleaning your motorcycle.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: This motorcycle wash and wax spray is so versatile and easy to use that we are sure you will love it! Don’t worry: you are our number 1 priority, which is why we are offering premium customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free purchase.

Check out the real customer bikes gallery!

For best results only use Shinykings special microfibre cleaning towel!

What are the benefits of Wash&Shine 66?

Wash&Shine66 Waterless bike wash - motorcycle cleaner & quick detailer

  • Use it anytime – anywhere

    After returning home or arriving at your destination after a long ride, your motorcycle is exposed to all sorts of dust, dirt and bugs. Instead of getting out the water hose and spending 30-45 minutes to clean and dry your bike and then bring it back to shine, just spray Wash&Shine 66 on the surface. Let it crawl, wipe the dirt off and polish to shine.  Done.  Use it anytime or anywhere without being dependent on water . 
  • Scared about harming the finish of your bike? 

    Well don`t be! Wash&Shine 66 Ingredients do contain 0% Ammonia, 0% Alcohol, 0% harsh chemicals that could harm the finish of your bike. And due to it`s revolutionary Intelligent Crawler Technology it`s scratch and streak safe (if applied correctly). 
  • Clean, Shine & Protect 

    Once applied and polished it leaves a nano thin coat of polymere compounds on the surface which on the one hand provide the California Shine and on the other hand form a protective layer, when used more often. 
  • Environment-friendly

    For all of you who care about Mother Earth. By using Wash&Shine66 you will save hundreds of gallons of water per year contaminated with shampoo residues and surfactants which you normally would let run down the drain. 


This product is a limited stock special offer and is moving off the shelf very fast. Make sure you grab yours….



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